Jackson Will Live Long And Prosper With His Inquisitiveness

Mt Kisco Childcare After School Student has a lot he wants to learn and do
Jackson Will Live Long and Prosper with his Inquisitiveness
Source - Photo by Rich Monetti

Pinning down Jackson on one particular subject can be a little like getting a rabbit to focus all his attention on nibbling the shrubbery as he nervously scans the panorama for predators. However, that doesn’t mean his thirst to learn suffers the sheer volume of all the things that interest him. Always ready with a question, reading serves as his jumping off point, and he doesn’t just let the words pass over him without getting the gist.
“It’s about a little mouse,” he says of Stuart Little. “I think the story is really about your size not mattering.”

/> His love of Star Trek lets him double down on the idea. “What I’ve learned from Star Trek is whenever you encounter a very big problem, there’s always a way to solve it,” he asserts.
Jackson even gets the nuance of Roddenberry’s vision. “I like the episode where Spock’s Dad was dying,” he says. “His human side wanted to take care of his father, and his Vulcan side wanted to take care of the ship. This was very hard for Spock because he had to decide which side to go with.”
Fortunately, Captain Kirk stepped in to even out the situation, but Jackson manages to balance between his two sides without the aid of a starship captain. “I want to invent a real hoover board,” says Jackson. “We already have rockets that go into space so why can’t we build a simple hoover board. This would mean that whenever we
hit balls over the fence in the backyard of Mt Kisco Childcare (MKCCC), Rich wouldn’t have to walk all the way around. He could just fly over.”
Saving me the effort, that’s so human of Jackson, which provides insight into his political point of view.  “If I was President, I would lower taxes for the poor and raises taxes for the rich. This is how I would make America run smoothly.” 
But he doesn’t play politics when it comes to his second home at MKCCC.  “Mia always has something different for us to do, Kathy gives us great art projects and Stacey always plans out a good day,” he says.
On the other hand, Jackson already understands the power of the press.  “Last but not least, Rich is always playing sports with the kids, comes up with great games in the gross motor room,” and masterfully putting the icing on the cake, “he’s very handsome.”  

Now, this kid is going places – even if he’s already moved on to the next thought.

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