Katonah Library Hosts Katonah Art Center's Student Art Exhibit

Students from the Katonah Art Exhibit get a chance to show off their work at the Katonah Library
Katonah Library Hosts Katonah Art Center's Student Art Exhibit
Source - Photo by Rich Monetti

On Saturday afternoon, the Katonah Art Center held its 19th Annual Student Art Exhibit at the Katonah Library. As good a place as any to show off people's creative passion but Laura Robinson still let her inspiration take her away and art lovers in attendance were all the better for it among the wide array of work on display.

"My villa reminds me of a place I want to be," she said of her piece that came to life from a trip to Italy.

On the other hand, her teachers at KAC know how to keep her from staying put as they've been in it for the long haul with the

Mt. Kisco resident  "We've taken quite a journey, and they always know where to point me when I get stuck," said Robinson. 

The marketing professional wishes she had more time for art, but Robinson's accompanying friend praised her for remembering that creativity shouldn't just be limited to making Madison Avenue happy.  "This is great because people get caught up in their careers and don't take time for their passion," said Ryan Olsen. 

Carol Luz took time out from earning her weekly check too and let her admirers pay it forward.  "It's fun when you see how people react," said Luz of the three paintings she did of her two Jack Russell Terriers.   

Vitalah Simon one upped the premise Luz put forth.  "You paint something," said Simon, "somebody needs to see it."  

Otherwise, the Pleasantville resident took in the joyful community feeling and good food, while praising the outlet that the Katonah Art Center provides - no matter the quality of the work.  "Some of the pieces I liked, some show a good effort, but I'm just happy that people get the chance to express themselves in this great venue," said Simon.

Of course, the kids get a platform too, and Rachel Izes singled out how the center helps her daughters elevate their game. "The materials they have are a step up from what we have at home," said Izes. "So they are motivated by using

real art stuff."

For Davi, she cooled the kiln with an Elephant Harry Potter Wizard, and of course, topped it off with the hat. "It blows my mind," said Mom.

Izes credits the professionalism of teachers who help stretch the imagination, while not forgetting that children only require small doses of seriousness. "Davi was inspired by her teacher's silliness," said Izes. 

Her sister Aya also had her art work up on all fours. "I really like horses," said Aya, and felt that her teachers also provide the giddy up to get the ideas out.

Back in the grown up room, Moira Thielking had her inspiration front and center.  "I always wanted to try figure sculpting with live models," said Thielking.

Satisfied with her clay piece, she's sure it awaits a friendly reception back home. "It will probably go in the dinning room," she said. "My family is very supportive."

The process even inspired her literary side. "The teacher spent half the time talking about the art world and his experiences," said Theilking. "This was very interesting to me, and I wrote two poems about it."

Maybe for another day, this scene could have been set to music in its own right. 

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