Father Goose Notches Another Fairytale Ending For Cary Grant

My review of 1964 Comedy, Father Goose with Cary Grant
Father Goose Notches another Fairytale Ending for Cary Grant
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When does it become too much to watch Cary Grant make forlorn look easy and effortlessly lore in the next girl with his patented reluctance. In a word - never, but for those who may somehow tire, Father Goose does put a spin on his mastery and even adds war hero, while taking a gander at fatherhood to sweeten the sauce.

Passing on the grand designs he puts in place to steal Katherine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story, he has no interest in the girl and unlike the government agent in Charade, he's certain that doing his bit for king and country should be left for others. As for roosting over children, just check the strut in

the 1964 comedy - it hasn't changed.

But does Cary Grant actually have to set his mind to it, to get the job done.  If he gets a little help, no.

Walter Eckland looks likes he's been around and staying on the peripheries with his newly acquired boat seems his desired and deserved destination. This even as WWII rages in favor of the Japanese. "Several years ago, I made peace with the world. If the world isn't bright enough to make peace with itself, it'll have to settle things without me," he tells Royal Navy Commander Frank Houghton, who is trying to enlist him as an island spotter for aerial movement in the South Pacific.

Unfortunately, the admiralty is immune to his charms or protestations. Eckland is unceremoniously escorted to his island, and any chance of dereliction goes hard a port. "Look at what you've done to my boat, Walter fumes at the gapping hole the destroyer leaves on the way out.  

Frank fares pretty well in the charm off as Eckland pleads, what he's supposed to do now. "Become a coast watcher, I expect," the skipper steams off curtly to let his captive simmer.

Given a handle of Mother Goose, Walter's disdain is in full radio contact - even when queried whether the planes above are ours or theirs.  "Kind of depends which side you're on, doesn't it," he writes off the insignificance of his position and perch. 

Nonetheless Frank keeps Walter on point by hiding bottles of whiskey around the Island - "X" marking the spots as his aerial intelligence is confirmed.  But a reprieve is offered. If Walter can take his dingy to a nearby island, his replacement awaits. 

He dithers over the dangers with Frank, but the chance to take flight takes precedence.  Of course, the stage is then set for fairytale, and Walter is really driven to drink.

Not only is his replacement dead prior to arrival, Walter can't believe the gaggle he must load now into his tiny boat from the compromised location.  "What are all those," he implores Catherine Freneu and her inconvenient presence with eight children.

"Young ladies," the head mistress assures him after they were ordered down on

their way home to pick up survivors at the island. Eckland has no choice but to take on the fellow castaways.  

Nonetheless, they get no quarter from Grant’s gruff - even as the dingy fills with water.  “Don’t sit there, bail,” Grant's  dismissive affections work just as well on the little ladies.

The princesses certainly don’t endear Catherine to him and his quest to live out the string. At the same time, he quickly realizes solitude wasn’t so bad - especially when a proper lady hinging parental responsibility on him creates a new priority.  “When are you coming for them,” he demands to Walter. 

The chemistry really flies as Catherine absconds his stash. “Send Whiskey Frank,” he begins reeling her in - unbeknownst even to himself.

Eventually, they both get it, and he’s ready to go down with the ship.  No surprise, he leaves that to the Japanese and notches yet another - all without even trying, 

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